April 14, 2020 3 min read

With the bins going out more than we are right now let's talk about making the most of the outdoor space we’ve got. 

Most notably of late The Great British Campout has seen over 34,000 members camping in their gardens under all sorts of tents, vans and tarps, raising over £140,000 (and counting) for NHS Charities. Get involved in this great cause and community to lift those lockdown blues.  Any taste of the outdoors is a welcome thing when we can’t go out and about and this has brought many people together, getting creative in their own gardens, during an incredibly challenging time.  We are hosting DIY Glampfest in May in place of our annual festival - do join in the virtual fun!

Meet the glawning — she’s multi-talented. The world’s most glamorous awning also makes a beautiful standalone two-door canvas bell-tent and glawning owners worldwide are now making great use of this wonderful feature in their very own back yards and gardens. Reducer poles can be used if the space is tight and so far many avid campers have been able to get their glawning up out the back for glamping shenanigans, some even on fake grass or their patios using boards and screws. A gallery of fab photos awaits you at the end of this blog! 

 4 glawnings set up in gardens

Bell tents are making great additions to our outdoor spaces at the moment during lockdown by making them into mini campgrounds. Our glawning functions really well for us as a home school, relaxation pod, man-cave, home cinema you name it! An ideal spot to put your feet up with a brew/beer/moonshine and a book.

The game changer with a canvas tent is that you can have a wood-burning stove inside to keep you perfectly warm, toast up some marshmallows, and fry up some sausages whenever it takes your fancy. Enjoy a cosy self-isolation from the safety of your flame-retardant canvas tent. 

These stoves also stand alone so no tent, no worries! They can still be used outside to sit around, cook on and enjoy watching the dancing flames.  They are much safer than an open campfire as all toxic fumes are flued safely away, the fire is enclosed, off the ground and topped with a spark arrestor to catch embers and ash.

The sides of the glawning can be rolled up to transform your bell tent into a fab canopy shelter which, once the sun comes out, makes a perfect shady spot for you to enjoy the outdoors in.  This means the groundsheet can be removed too to give the grass a breather.


4 glawnings set up in gardens

Glawnings come with or without windows in case you fancy watching the clouds go by.  Our very popular cloudgazer is now back in stock, but we're sure not for long!

They also come in two sizes…If you’ve got lots of space to spare, consider the 5m model. It’s large and in charge and will comfortably sleep 6 adults! If you’ve got a dinky garden, you might opt for a 4m which, still spacious, sleeps 4 adults. To see how much space they actually take up, see our specifications sheet: here.

If you’ve got enough space for the tent but can’t quite peg the guy lines out all the way, we sell the aforementioned reducer poles which can be preordered now. A great camping hack - read more about them: here.

If you do happen to have a campervan waiting in the wings for that first trip away when we’re allowed out again, you won’t find a better awning than a glawning and all of our glawnings come with the awning canopy attachment included as standard so you can hook your beautiful bell-tent up to your van when the time comes.  Don't take our word for it, read the reviews.

Stay safe, stay home, and take a holiday at the end of your garden!


We are working safely to fulfill and deliver orders at this time. Take advantage of our discount code LOCKDOWNLOVE to get £150 off bundles and glawnings. This is a limited time offer so make the most of it!







Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin

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