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GLANOPY: Van Sun Canopy/Universal Porch for glawnings and bell tents



One canopy: four uses...

PORCH: This glamorous porch canopy provides a covered space over the front door of your glawning or bell tent where you can cook, store muddy footwear and provide extra shelter from the elements.    
CONNECTOR: This glamorous porch canopy provides a covered space over the front door of your bell tent which will attach to your campervan on the other side converting your bell tent into a bell tent awning.
SUN CANOPY: This glamorous canopy attaches to your van via standard 6mm beading to double up as a day-tripper canopy for your campervan or caravan.

STANDALONE TARP: The poles and guy lines act to keep this standing without a van or glawning/bell tent propping it up. We've thought of everything! 

This badboy has no zips (apart from on the side door!) so it's a universal fit for any glawning or bell tent and fixes onto the front door over the Aframe spike.  It has standard beading on the other side to slide into your awning rail, using an Aframe or pole to stand up.  Taking just a few minutes to put up, this is one practical piece of kit you won't want to glamp without.


    Material: 200gsm Polycotton

    Packed up: 100 x 15 x 10cm

    2.4m deep (i.e. comes out 2.4m from your van)

    2m long bead that attaches to your van (standard 6mm beading)

    Colour: beige/natural

    Waterproof, fire retardant, mildew resistant

    A door (door zips open and can be rolled back and fastened)

    A window (curtain can be rolled up and fastened)

    Extra loops for hanging lights and decor

    Extra pegging points

    3 Reflective guy ropes


    2 poles included (1.9m high) AFRAME NOT INCLUDED

    Carry bag included

    Horizontal tensioning bar included

    Van/Glawning...not included. 


    * The glanopy is protected as a European Registered Design with Registered Design Number 008161434-0001


    Instructions: 2 large pegs (for the guy ropes) and 8 smaller pin pegs (for the pegging points around the skirt) are included, together with 3 guy ropes. The long guy ropes are tied to the 3 reinforced points where there are eyelet holes for the poles, and they are pegged out according to how you are using the glanopy (so, for example, if you are using it as a van canopy, they peg towards the front and back of the van to prevent the glanopy from sliding forwards and backwards in the awning rail).

    Please see video below for more info on how the structure works:

    Picture instructions PDF here (please note that the instructions include reference to 2 short guy ropes - these are no longer included as they are unnecessary)

    Treating and caring for the canvas as per our glawning care instructions here as the principles are the same.



    • You should fit your glanopy flashing kit roughly 5cm above the seam (as pictured) with the canvas pegged out taut to ensure no fabric rests against the hot flue pipe.


    • Please follow flashing kit fitting instructions received with your stove for cutting the hole and fitting the silicon collar.


    • As always, we recommend bringing fire safety items along on every trip e.g. fire gloves, small fire extinguisher/blanket, carbon monoxide detector, and regularly cleaning your flue pipe.