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SOLD OUT Wildland Pathfinder Ⅱ Roof Tent

A superb tent suitable for all 4x4s, SUVs and vans. It comfortably sleeps 2 adults and is put up by just a touch of a button. With 2 solar panels on the roof for charging needs you can stay in touch wth the world on your travels.

Made from 210D Poly-oxford material with PU coating results in a robust and waterproof tent. It has a hydraulic hard top canopy and 2-layer privacy doors and windows. Convenient internal and external storage. Easy to fit, clean and maintain. 

Setting it up and down is very easy and efficient.

Did we mention the new remote control mechanism?!

Quickly set up and fold down the tent by the press of a button.

2 x solar panels on the hard top roof to provide energy for tent motor, light and charging devices.

There is a sewn in LED stripe inside the roof tent.

Two spare poles under the tent for an emergency situation like no electricity, pushing rod broken, etc.

Extended hard top roof for better rain and sun protection.

Roomy space for two people.

Two double-layer windows and one big double-layer door for good ventilation and protection from insects.

Aluminium alloy ladder is fixed with frame and carries 150kg.

Suitable for most vehicles.

Top of inner tent has a mesh window with curtain to avoid condensation 

Comfortable mattress with a zipped thermal cover to enable easy removal for washing.

Two big shoe pockets on both sides of front door.

Two PVC flaps on the cover corners to strengthen the water-proof point.

Material Fly: 210D rip-stop polyoxford PU3000mm with silver coating, UPF 50+

Inner: 190G polycotton PU 2000mm Floor: 210D polyoxford PU 2000mm

Frame: Wild Land patented automatic frame

Cover: Polymer Composites ABS Solar panel: 125 monocrystalline silicon piece

Technology: Wireless remote control

Structure Capacity: 2 persons Inner tent size : L200 x W120 x H 85/110cm Packed size: 232x144x36cm Net Weight: 62kg (including ladder) Gross Weight : 77kg

Roof Tent Safety Advice

WARNING: Improper installation or use of your roof tent could lead to serious injury or death. Always follow installation instructions carefully to ensure proper fitting onto your vehicle and safe use of your roof tent. Check with your vehicle manufacturer for specific roof rack loading capacity.  Not all factory roof racks, or aftermarket roof bars can safely accommodate tent models. Always use a good quality product. Improper use of equipment can lead to personal injury, damage to your vehicle, roof tent or other road users.


Consult vehicle manufacturer for information on your vehicles ‘maximum load’ for any roof bar installation.  Obtain this to ensure the relevant product kg is below the manufacturer recommendation. Also see further notes on Static and Dynamic loadings.


These may be different to your vehicle and must also accommodate the product weight recommendations.

Pathfinder: 77kg

Important Advice

  • The weight loadings on your vehicle / roof bars MUST NOT be exceeded, this could lead to serious consequences. A vehicle and heavy weight is involved so extra care must be taken.
  • Periodic Journey Checks – Once you fit the Roof Tent take a short test drive to check safety.  Do not embark on a long journey before this check. Once starting a journey check all bolts / fixings connecting the roof bars and the roof tent after approx. 10 miles, then another check after 50 miles. You can if you wish use additional nuts, or wing nuts for added security.
  • Do not drive with the tent open.
  • Do not cook or bring cooking, BBQ or fossil fuel heating devices inside or below the roof tent.
  • Always ensure the ladder is secure and on a level surface.

Static & Dynamic Loads

  • Take corners slower.
  • Brake in advance and smoothly.
  • On rough or uneven ground, the Dynamic load can increase significantly, and extreme care needs to be taken. The ‘jolt’ effect of uneven ground cannot be quantified so the driver needs to take extra precautions on these surfaces.

Product Care

  1. Clean and dry your tent after each camping trip:
  2. Open the tent fully and brush / vacuum inside
  3. Clean the fabric as needed using a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft to medium brush. Rinse fabric of all detergent prior to drying.
  4. Dry tent in the sun with all windows open. The tent must be completely dry before storage, or mildew and mould may occur. This is especially necessary after camping in rain or wet conditions.
  5. Using a small brush, remove dirt from zippers. Use a silicon spray to keep zippers lubricated.
  6. Wash mattress pad and hang to dry.
  7. Store your roof tent in a dry location, ideally wrapped in polythene or other suitable cover if storing for long periods of time.
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