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High Top Panel Kit

These panel kits can be used to get a better fit of the connecting canopy when connecting to high top vehicles. Not all vehicles are the same, so on occasion there can be a large gap between the van and the canopy. While this is fine for some, you may want to fill this gap in. That's where this handy panel set comes in!

For vehicles attaching at 2.2m - 2.6m, to be used in conjunction with high top canopy - use the eyelets to connect to the top of a pole set, to a connecting canopy or to attach ropes to throw over the roof of the van. The kit contains 2 panels.

Please note that no pegs or ropes are provided - this will need to be sources separately if required.

This product has been produced in a number of batches and the appearance and materials used for the PVC skirt and pegging loops may differ from those in the photograph.

For increased adjustability these can also be used with a high top pole set

Docking panels(without zipper)

ADAPTOR PANEL KIT FOR HIGH TOP VEHICLE: Size:50cm(top width)*100(bottom
width)*230+30(height) cm, vertical
height 230cm, PVC skirt height
Fabric:200gsm poly-cotton +
500gsm PVC;