4m ‘2nd’ Glawning (8) - SALE PREVIEW

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This 4m  Glawning is a 2nd/B-Stock example with the following issues identified:

- Brand new, unused Glawning sample

-No Glawning branding (on account of it being a sample)

- The section which attaches to a van has incorrectly sized beading. This won't be a problem if you are intending to connect it using a pole and clamp system. If you are wanting to use an awning rail you will need to have the beading replaced. We can organise this for an additional £50 or we can recommend repair companies and you can source the alteration yourself. 

Pictures of the glawning described as shown. A full description of our Glawning can be found here

Please note: when purchasing a 2nd/B-Stock glawning your 1 year warranty still applies, with the exception of any pre-existing faults as described above. 

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