New, 5m seconds glawnings

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These glawnings will likely include the following defects:

  1. The metal rope sliders on the guy ropes are not properly galvanised (galvanised replacements are included.)
  2. Slightly untidy stitching – some stitching may not be as neat as we require, so there may be some loose threads that needs trimming, for example, or stitch lines that aren’t quite as straight as they should be.
  3. The seam running around the top of the vertical wall has not been sealed properly so that particular seam will take longer to weather than others. This means that it might let some water through during the first few uses in heavy rain. They will eventually seal. One tube of seam sealer is included to speed up the process.  More available on our website:
  4. The bags have not been made large enough to fit the glawning and groundsheet in together (which is most peoples preferred way of storing), so the groundsheet needs to be unzipped in order to fit the glawning into both the bags. Alternatively it could be stored without the bag, or in one of our Glawning Mega Bags 

These glawnings may show small signs of having been removed from the packaging for inspection purposes - however, they are brand new and unused.

Stove and interior decorations not included.

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