GlawningGLOW Glawning and Bell Tent Stove Bundle

This stove bundle gives you everything you need to safely set up your woodburning tent stove in your glawning or bell tent.

This is our standard bell tent stove with full stainless steel flue kit (including built in spark arrestor) and a handy ash pan.

With this bundle you will also get:

1. A set of side stove racks;

2. A stove mat and stove stand for standing your stove on safely;

3. A flashing kit for fitting the stove to your tent; and

4. A tent stove bag for easy transportation.

The glawningGLOW glawning and bell tent stove will really take you from camping to glamping. At 12kg and measuring 37x23x26cm, this compact tent woodburner is ideally lightweight for bringing along to kick out 3.5kW of beautiful warmth to heat up your glawning or bell tent in no time.

Stylish matt black, made from cold rolled steel, with a 60mm stainless steel flue with built in spark arrestor, it has a handy surface area that can be cooked on with a removable circular hot plate so you can cook over the open flame too. It also comes complete with an ash tray to make cleaning and maintenance easier.  The eight flue sections come apart and fit inside the belly of the stove and the legs fold under to make transportation a breeze for this compact glamping companion. Comes with 8 flue sections (one of which has a built in spark arrestor. 

Each flue section has a diameter of 60mm and is 325mm long.