Full Monty Saver Bundles (All types of glawning available)

£1,262.96 £1,150.00

Our bundle packages include everything you need to be up and running on your first glawning holiday, at a discounted package price.

With our bundle you get:

A glawning in fire resistant cotton canvas (individual price £849-£949). Choose your style and size of glawning

Our flagship product. A fireproofed, water proof, mildew-resistant, natural unbleached canvas luxurious bell tent awning. Made using 350gsm cotton canvas, 520gsm ripstop PVC for the groundsheet, 40gsm white bugmesh, polyester-reflective ropes, zinc-copper coated galvanised steel poles, this retro awning is built to last. Poles, pegs and a bag are all included. (Clamps/figure of eight for attachment to your camper van need to be purchased separately if required - see our buying guides for more info).

All of our glawnings, the 'Original', windowless glawning in both 4 and 5 metre sizes, plus the 'Cloudgazer' windowed 5 metre glawning, are available with this package. Just select your favourite at checkout. Price of the bundle varies based on your choice of glawning.

2 x half moon matting (individual price £169.98)

Lightweight, washable, cleanable, foldable, rollable, our matting comes in a variety of designs and is the

A glawningGLOW stove (individual price £179)

Stylish, lightweight and robust. The glawningGLOW is natural addition for a fireproof glawning. The heat generated by this little stove is enough to use for cooking and to boil water for your mandatory pre-bedtime hot chocolate. 

A stove carry bag (individual price £19.99)

The glawningGLOW's soul mate. Designed to hug the glawningGLOW stove as tightly as possible, this carry bag makes even carrying your stove around slightly glamorous! 

A flashing kit for connecting your glawningGlow flue to your glawning (individual price £50) 

A silicone flashing kit with a steel ring which can tolerate temperatures of up to 300 degrees. Fixes to your Glawning so you can say goodbye to cooking smells in your van.

Stove racks for resting saucepans and drying items (individual price £14.99)

By expanding the surface area of your glawningGLOW with these handy racks, you can cook, heat and warm up several things at once. Not to be forgotten on your trip this season!

Together these would normally cost up to £1382.96! However, with the bundle discount you save at least £112.95!

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