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Woodburning Camping Stove: Bundle Deal

Scroll down for Safety Disclaimer PLEASE READ

The woodburning camping stove bundle will really take you from camping to glamping.  The bundle gives you everything you need to set up your woodburning tent stove in your glawning or bell tent.

Choose from our range of stoves, which all come with a full flue kit (including built in spark arrestor), fold out legs and a handy ash pan.

With this bundle you get:

1. A stylish lightweight portable camping stove (see individual stove listings HERE for more details);

2. An aluminium stand for standing your stove on safely;

4. A flashing kit for fitting the stove to your tent; and

5. A double walled flue to prevent accidental damage to your flashing kit.

Safety Disclaimer PLEASE READ

We design high-quality tent stove products however, for safety, they must be used in accordance with the instructions provided. If used in a tent which is not fire-retardant, the stoves should only be used through a stove hole cut into a fire-retardant panel on the tent. We also recommend a suitable silicone tent flashing kit. When used on a fire-retardant tent, the stove should be flued out through a silicone flashing kit. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product is being used safely. If you have any concerns about how the stove should be used, please contact us in the first instance. Lit stoves should not be left unattended, and fires should be extinguished prior to sleeping. Stoves should not be used in extreme weather, particularly in high winds. Always make sure the stove is on top of something fire retardant, as accidental sparks may go straight through the matting and/or groundsheet. We do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred by use of the stove howsoever caused (although, in accordance with legal requirements, we do not exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence). Please exercise caution and common sense by following these rules:

  1. Keep the inside of the tent well ventilated, even in winter
  2. Make sure the flue is clean and free of obstruction, and only ever use a stove inside a tent if the smoke and fumes are properly flued out.
  3. Use a carbon monoxide alarm 
  4. Set up the tent on the flat ground to make sure the tent is stable and firm. Build the stove on the flat ground to ensure the stove is stable.
  5. Only use good quality wood, such as kiln dried hardwood. Do not use tanalised or treated wood, offcuts or wrapped “easy burn” firelogs