Campervanning Scotland! And Why We Love It.

Campervanning Scotland! And Why We Love It.

We were very excited to be off to Scotland for our debut at the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome, and Holiday Home Show this February, marking a special milestone for Glawning. Scotland holds a cherished place in our hearts at Glawning HQ, with deep-rooted ties to this enchanting land and many a Glawning customer residing there. Over the years, we've built several connections and explored its beauty extensively in our campervans/tents/glawnings.

Our Managing Director, James, has a personal history with Scotland, having pursued his university education at St Andrews, where he earned a First Class Honours in Art History. Last year, he returned to Scotland to take on the lesser challenge of the Edinburgh half marathon!

Indeed the seeds of inspiration for the Glawning were sown over a decade ago during a camping trip at Red Squirrel Campsite Glencoe. James was scantily clad and battling the elements in the middle of the night with our old nylon awning (pictured below) and we were both screaming "THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER AWNING!" above the gale force gusts:

We found the spark that would later evolve into our business identity. Born amidst the breathtaking Scottish landscapes (and awning-taking weather!), the glawning has since become a solution for thousands of customers since its inception in 2013, as a driveaway campervan awning that can actually withstand inclement weather and be the last tent standing on a campsite following a storm if it has to be. Don't take our word for it though - the reviews are here.

We have been to our fair share of Scottish campsites since we fell in love with #Vanlife. A few of these are listed here on our recommendations page and there are lots more to be added. If you've been to any good ones let us know so we can pop them on our list. Scotland knows how to do campsites with a view. Check these ones out for a start.

 A valuable tip for traveling in Scotland is to prioritize quality. In our past campervanning experiences, as mentioned, we often faced the frustration of damaged equipment, especially awnings, after exposure to a bout of particularly 'Scottish' weather. This resulted in the disposal of broken poles, bent tent pegs, and even entire awnings, leading to unnecessary waste. The idea for the Glawning was born from this need for durability. Our robust cotton canvas driveaway campervan awning, created to withstand the test of time and weather, allows us and our customers to be more eco-friendly, avoiding the need for frequent replacements. More on that here!

Our personal Scottish journey includes trekking through Glenfinnan and remote Knoydart with backpacks in pouring rain and thick fog back in 2012 (the importance of a decent sleeping bag and waterproof socks has never been felt more profoundly!), and at the other end of the spectrum the business pinnacle was marked in Glasgow in 2022 when we received the Federation of Small Businesses National Micro Business of the Year award from Clare Balding. If you want to hear more about our rollercoaster of a business story we've done a whole other blog on that here!

But back to lovely Scotland - it is such an integral part of our story, and we look forward to writing many more chapters against the backdrop of its majestic landscapes. We're eager to embark on the NC500 in our latest MAN van addition to the family before long so look forward to a blog on that! 

Tell us about your Scottish campervan adventures at and if you would like to feature in a guest blog we'll make it worth your while!

For now och aye the noo?! 



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