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Once again we are planning to be at a number of festivals this year to showcase our product. Please feel free to come and chat to us about our products or just to say hello! Of course, if you can't make it to a show you can always book an appointment to come and see us at our warehouse - just get in touch using our contact page.

You will find us at the following shows (please note that this list will continue to be updated and is subject to change):


4th - Springdub, Harrogate

25th-26th - Volksworld, Surrey

31st-2nd - Dubs at the Mill, Somerset


8th - Elemental, Essex

14th-16th - Bus Types, Oswestry

30th - Stanford Hall, Leics


5th-7th - Derbyshire Dubs, Buxton

20th-21st - Glampfest, North Yorkshire


3rd-4th - Vantastival, Ireland

12th-14th - Mighty Dubfest, Alnwick Castle


1st-2nd - Quex Park, Kent

7th-9th - Camperjam, Shropshire

14th-16th - Volks Power, Redcar

29-30th - Camping at the Castle, Ledbury


3rd-6th - White Noise, Suffolk

11th-13th - Harwood House, Harrogate

18th-20th - Viva Skeg Vegas, Lincolnshire

25th-27th - Camper Calling, Warwickshire


1st-3rd - Field of Dreams, York

8th-10th - Busfest, Malvern

22nd-24th - Dubs In't Dales, Bedale


27th-28th - Hermann's Halloween Campout, Peterborough (CANCELLED)

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