Chestnuts Roasting On A Glawning Stove

Chestnuts Roasting On A Glawning Stove
Nothing says ‘I love Christmas’ like a glawning or bell tent bedecked with tinsel and wreaths – we’re already half way there with the bunting and fairy lights.  So spending Christmas and/or New Year under the stars in your glamping set up could be a very unique way to spend the festive season and an ideal escape from the usual conundrums and family politics that we tend to get embroiled in.  This ‘back to basics’ approach doesn’t have to be as basic as you might think because with a glawning or bell tent you are merely transporting the best bits of Christmas to a location closer to nature.  Hygge, ambience, whatever you want to call it, this little space can be made into a jolly cosy grotto in no time…and without having to think of when you’re going to fit in all those family visitations. 

Our tried and tested portable camping stoves kick out a minimum of 3.5kW of heat so even when we had ours lit on Boxing Day, with snow on the ground outside, it was toasty inside our glawning in no time.  Our reindeer onesies were redundant!

Our stoves can be cooked upon so whether it’s roasting chestnuts, warming your mulled wine or boiling potatoes and sprouts it’s all totally doable.  Our favourite bit was having some mates round for a party on Boxing Day evening to our ‘Winter Wonderland’.  Getting away from it all was also high on the list of positives.  We took a pile of board games and sat round the fire all afternoon trying to outdo each other at Logo.  Not a Queens Speech in sight.

There are plenty of campsites that stay open all year round – read our guide on how best to find them here.

Don’t take our word for it though.  Real life glawning customers Ben and Lucy Krelle spent Christmas in theirs last year and said it was hands down one of the best Christmases they’ve ever had.  “It was amazing as it was our first Christmas as a married couple.  We hope to do it every year from now on,” says Lucy. 

So, if you want to save money and hassle this December why not choose a glamping getaway as a refreshing alternative?  It could be the start of something great.
Photos below courtesy of newly weds Ben and Lucy Krelle living it up on Christmas Day in their glawning:

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