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Yes! A driveaway awning is simply and awning that can be left pitched while the vehicle is detached to driveaway. It can then be reattached easily when the vehicle returns.

To drive away, just unhitch from whatever connector you’re using with your van and either leave the canopy hanging or remove it and store it inside your glawning.

It works perfectly as a standalone tent when it’s not being an awning – so it’s very handy for garden parties, kids’ sleepovers etc. too.

Yes! Come and visit us at a show or festival, or at our warehouse in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Simply give us a call or drop us an email if you want to visit the warehouse and we'll book you in… we’d love to meet you!

For our list of shows/festivals click: here. To come at see us at home, email us at support@glawning.com or give us a call on 01423 787008.

The glawning is very straightforward to put up. You can see an instructional video here

With practice, it can be done by one person in around 10-15 minutes. We recommend allowing longer for the first few times until you become absolute glawning whizz!

To see a video of James (Mr Glawning) putting one up on his own in under 10 minutes real time, click: here!

We have never had a problem pitching at campsites with the van and a 5m glawning, and we hear the same from many of our customers.

Lots of campsites we go to are quite laid back and don’t seem to have a ‘standard sized pitch’ so it will depend on the campsite you pick.

For the 5m and a van you need a pitch with a minimum of 8m across the front, using our reducer poles, or 9-10m without the reducer poles. These requirements are a metre less for the 4m.

To see our growing list of campsites that welcome glawnings & wood-burners, click: here!

The connecting canopy section adds an extra 135cm on the side of the tent, and the tent part is 500cm across for the 5m and 400cm for the 4m.

You have the guy ropes going out at 12 points and the dimensions of your van, of course.

For the 5m and a van you need a pitch with a minimum of 8m across the front, using our reducer poles, or 9-10m without the reducer poles. These requirements are a metre less for the 4m.

All our Glawnings are made from polycotton (200gsm, organic, waterproof, mildew resistant) with aluminium poles and stakes.

Having tried all the various fabric options available, in our view polycotton provides the best balance between comfort, functionality and user-friendliness.

If you want to know more you can view our full guide to tent materials HERE

Weights of all our products are found in the individual product specs on our website shop.

Single Door 4m: 21kg

Single Door 5m: 25kg

Double Door 4m: 24kg

Double Door 5m: 29kg

Triple Door 4m: 30kg

Triple Door 5m: 31kg

Packed up size of all tents: 115x37x37m

You can compare all our tent models side by side using our handy Comparison Chart

Yes, glawnings are waterproof! It comes pre-treated with a waterproof coating.

Like canvas (but to a lesser extent), poly cotton may need some weathering before it is fully waterproof. You can read more about that process: here.

To keep it in tip-top condition we recommend reproofing your glawning once a year or so (depending on how much use it gets). You can either go to a professional tent waterproofing company for this, if you’re feeling fancy, or carry out an easy DIY job… read our blog: 'Reproofing a Canvas Tent: When, Why, and How?'

Yes, they do a great job! We’ve tested them in the foulest of weathers and they are no stranger to gale-force winds in which they perform admirably.

The heavy-duty metal pegs anchored at 12 points and tensioned on one central pole makes for a very sturdy fixture (Ask other glawning owners too – don’t just take our word for it!)

Of course, it is still just a humble tent so there are limits to the weather conditions it's able to withstand. Please exercise caution and in extreme wind it is advisable to take the glawning down to protect it from damage. Leave the extreme weather testing to us!

Click HERE to see a Glawning doing its thing during Storm Eunice

This is very subjective, of course!

However, we reckon the 4m glawning comfortably sleeps 4 adults and the 5m comfortably sleeps 6 adults.

This will depend, though, on how much stuff you like to bring along, what kind of beds you use, and how big your humans are. We have had 14 people sitting in a 5m glawning merrily quaffing wine. You can set your own limits!

Yes! A properly cared for glawning has the potential to last you for years. You can read more about caring for your glawning: here.

Our top tip is to let the mud dry and brush it off. If this doesn’t work you can use some water alone or water with a little bit of something like Nikwax Tech Wash, for example (do not use standard detergent).

For more info on canvas care, click: here.

Attaching to a Vehicle

It will attach to pretty much any structure!

The best method is using an awning rail or gutter rail, so if you have one of these you're half way there.

After that, you just need to figure out the height of the connection to work out whether to go for a standard height connecting canopy (around 2m) or a High Roof (around 2.5m)

There's lots more information about connecting a glawning to your van: here.

This depends on what sort of van you have. On some vans the canopy will connect onto the awning rail via the 6mm beading and a driveaway kit, while some vans need a universal pole and clamp. We sell most of the attachments required and there's lots more information and instructional videos: here.

Yes! One of our favourite features is that the glawning can be fitted to either side of a vehicle because all glawning doors are identical and the canopy can attach to any of them – pretty smart if we do say so ourselves!

Using a Woodburning Camping Stove

All Glawnings come with a fireproof prefitted stove jack. You need to pop some bolt holes in for the flashing kit but there is a guide on our YouTube channel.

While our wood-burners are safe if used in accordance with the instructions, they should always be attended so we must recommend that you extinguish fires before sleeping in your glawning. Also, fit a carbon monoxide detector in your glawning for peace of mind too.

Our Glawnings are fitted with a fire-retardant stove jack. The rest of the tent is not fire retardant because it doesn't really need to be. The fire retardancy treatment increases the weight of the tent significantly and also interferes with the waterproofing treatment.

Yes, please! Just like any canvas tent or awning it will need to be dry before storing for any length of time to prevent mould. If packing away dry isn’t possible then let it dry at home – this can be done fairly easily, for example, by hanging it over a dining room table (remove the groundsheet first), erecting it in your garden with the stove lit inside, draping it in the garage etc.

If you put it away for the winter please check it every month or so. If mould does occur it can be dealt with early.

Shipping and Aftercare

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You will receive tracking via automated email when your purchase is on the move so you can monitor its progress, change delivery date, specify safe place etc. If you have any issues whatsoever give us a call on 01423 787008 or drop us a line at support@glawning.com and we'll sort it out.

You're in the right place! Here is a handy page covering most aspects of aftercare information.

If you can't find what you're looking for there or on our YouTube channel drop us a line at support@glawning.com or give us a call on 01423 787008....or just give us a call anyway. We're always available for advice, we love chatting to our customers and we've won awards for our customer service so we'll always make sure you're happy if it's within our power!

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