5 Top Tips For Camping With Your Dog

5 Top Tips For Camping With Your Dog

5 Top Tips For Camping With Your Dog 

All dog-owners will be used to the sheer joy that their dog expresses at the most mundane aspects of life. Having them with you when visiting a new place in particular can be a valuable reminder for you to stop and appreciate the small things too!

For those among us who couldn’t bear to leave our four-legged friends behind to sun it up in some tropical holiday destination, canine camping is the way forward (really, if you’re a Glawning or bell tent owner we mean glamping, but canine glamping just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?). Thankfully, we know a lot of people who own a pampered glamping pooch and have made sure that the Glawning is the perfect holiday haven for dogs and owners alike.

We’ve put together our 5 Top Tips for those who are embarking (ha, get it?) on a trip with pup in tow.

We’ve also put together a handy checklist, which you can find it at the bottom of this blog (you’re welcome!)

TIP 1 – Find a Dog-Friendly Campsite

There are many logistical considerations to keep your pooch safe and content on your trip. Make sure that you find a campsite where dogs are welcomed and double-check the rules and regs. If you're bringing a woodburner ensure it’s a stove friendly site, as the addition of a wood burning stove steals the show for the pets, quite literally. It can only be described as a dog magnet, considering the amount who have paid us a visit at shows, curled up in front of the fire and refused to leave. They seem to love the Glawning just as much as their humans. If you need a fire guard for your dog do get in touch and we can show you some ingenious creations by our customers!  

TIP 2 – Doggy Needs Camping Gear Too!

You’ll need some bits and bobs that you may not have already too such as a stake for outside the tent, a reflective harness or collar light and pop up food and water bowls. Fortunately, if your furry friend is hanging out in the glawning, the zipped in groundsheet ensures that even the most proficient escape artists are securely contained. You can safely don your pyjamas in the knowledge that no slipper-clad rescue missions will occur, as is a risk with a less secure awning.

TIP 2 – Don’t Forget the Home Comforts

Glampers need their home comforts (think double beds, duvets, scented candles, movie screens (no, really!)). Dogs, of course, are no exception. So, remember to bring them some lovely things such as their cosy bed, favourite toy and some tasty treats to enjoy in front of the fire. A long-lasting chew is ideal for evenings, particularly if they tend to be quite energetic.  Our polypropylene matting is ideal underfoot for pets as it's so easy to clean - take a look at our stunning new teal and ochre designs for preorder here!

TIP 3 – Practise Makes Perfect

If you haven't been camping with your canine before, it might be wise to try it for a night in your garden first, so they don’t wonder what on earth is happening on the first night. This depends on how well they adjust to new situations - some may happily go with the flow. If you’ve had your Glawning up to weather for a while, this could be a great opportunity to try it for yourself too. Who doesn’t love a spot of garden glamping?!

Tip 4 - Plan Ahead

Given the impact of the global pandemic, we’d recommend that you research the local area thoroughly and ensure that there are dog-friendly eateries and activities to suit your fancy. Furthermore, booking ahead where possible is highly advisable to avoid scarfing down your Sunday roast out in the rain. And of course, if your family also includes two-legged children, they and your dog will provide the perfect entertainment on day trips without you having to get too involved - everyone's a winner.

Tip 5 – Prepare to Meet New People

Anyone who owns a glawning will tell you just how much of a head-turner it is. Especially when they see the fire, everyone suddenly wants to be your BFF. Add a dog and it’s a double-whammy! Your glawning and dog combined will make the perfect conversation starters. It’ll be hard to not get chatting to fellow campers about all things dog and glawning related. On a similar note, if you’re a solo camper a canine makes for ideal company and is much less likely to complain about your campsite cooking than a partner.

Overall, there are so many benefits of bringing your canine camping with you and the Glawning will keep them safe and sound. We’ve been sent countless pictures of pooches loving their Glawnings in the past and we look forward to seeing many more in the future. Happy camping!

And lest we forget - As promised, here’s your handy checklist:

To double-check:

  • Individual campsite rules
  • Lead length
  • Barking tolerance
  • Aggressive behaviour tolerance
  • Up to date vaccines
  • Microchipped
  • Flea or tick prevention
  • Local dog-friendly activities and eateries

 To bring:

  • Reflective harness
  • Collar light
  • Stake for outside tent
  • Pop up water bowl or water bottle
  • Dog-friendly first aid kit
  • Favourite toy
  • Dog bed
  • Long lasting chew or treat
  • Fire Guard





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