About our tent canvas (and why it matters!)

About our tent canvas (and why it matters!)

We are very particular about quality here at Retroglamp headquarters and that is why we have chosen a specific material and tried and tested the glawning ourselves multiple times to ensure that this product will last.

Most bell tents on the market are not made from fire proofed canvas. This makes them much cheaper, but more dangerous. Our glawnings are made from 100% cotton canvas fabric which is treated with PROBAN® fire retardancy -  this state of the art process uses licensed technology to form a special cross-linked polymer inside the cotton fibres. The polymer becomes embedded in the body of the fibre so the process is permanent and irreversible.

Our 350gsm canvas is all natural so unlike nylon it's breathable and regulates humidity. This means it stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and you won't be troubled with condensation like you get in nylon awnings.

Cotton fibres expand and contract as they get wet and dry, and once this process has happened a couple of times it is naturally waterproof. However, for extra peace of mind our fabric is treated with a waterproofing solution which means that water will bead off.  

As if all that wasn't enough our glawnings are also mildew resistant.

We have found (from experience) that a cotton canvas awning, although more expensive at the start, is worth its weight in gold due to its life span. If maintained properly you can get many more seasons out of a glawning than its nylon counterparts.

Many customers are surprised at how compact the glawning is when packed down into its bag as it takes up no more room than a standard nylon awning. It is heavier but you won't need extra space for storage and transportation.

So the glawning could be a very smart move if you're looking for an awning that will stand the test of time and provide both a comfortable, cosy living space in the colder months yet be light and airy in the heat.

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