Camping Festivals - What to Take (and Leave Behind!)

Camping Festivals - What to Take (and Leave Behind!)

Hello glampers! With Glampfest just around the corner we thought we’d check in and share our excitement with you all. There’s less than 2 weeks left until the festival (it’s within our reach, the countdown is almost over…) so we’ve put together a list of items you’ll most likely need, and some that you won’t, to help you get organised and ready for a weekend filled with family fun, tasty food and great entertainment.

This blog will also serve as a handy reminder of what to take to any camping festival or weekend away in your glawning...

Your home for the weekend

We want you to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay with us so here’s a few things we reckon might be worth bringing to make sure you do:

  • Please remember to bring a place to sleep - tents, campervans, caravans and all other portable camping devices are welcome. We’re also looking forward to seeing all of you who have glawnings
  • Anything to make your sleeping experience the best it can be – airbeds, sleeping bags, duvets, pillows, sleeping mats, ear plugs etc.
  • Decoration – don’t forget we’re holding a ‘best dressed pitch' competition so make sure you pack your best bunting, lavish lights, cool cushions and trendy throws to be in with a chance of winning!
  • Blankets – we can guarantee you’re going to have an amazing weekend, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the weather. So, it may be a good idea to bring some blankets to keep you warm if it gets a bit chilly on an evening.
  • Lighting – nothing quite beats the twinkling glow of fairy lights when you’re all cosy and ready for bed. It might also be a good idea to bring some stake lights for outside, lanterns and essentially any lighting that would be practical and of course, look lovely! Don’t forget there is not electricity available on site so solar powered lights or even battery operated would be the best options.

Food and drink

Evening food and bacon rolls on Saturday morning are available, but for other times here are some things you might find useful to have:

  • Something to cook on - our glawningGLOW wood burning stove would be a great option, but any stove you have is more than welcome. If you forget wood or kindling to burn on the stove or don’t want an extra thing to carry, there will be some available to buy from our glawning stall on site.
  • All you’ll need to cook and eat with - cutlery, plates, mugs, bowls, a tin opener, a lighter, utensils, scissors, foil etc.
  • A large water container will be handy to drink, wash yourself and to clean pots.
  • Food-wise it may be handy to have things such as cereal bars and biscuits for a quick snack. Also, bananas for energy and oranges for some vitamin C! And tea bags and coffee for that essential morning brew.


We want you to have a great weekend and make memories but also be safe, hygienic and well. Here’s some things to bring that can ensure that’s possible:

  • A first aid supply – plasters, blister plasters, pain killers, any personal medication, hay fever relief, bandages, safety pins, cleansing wipes and cough medicine and cough sweets. Sudocrem or E45 cream are versatile products to have with you as they can be used for cuts, grazes, rashes and even burns. We hope that there will be no accidents or any illness throughout the weekend, but if so we will have emergency first aid available to all.
  • Toiletries – dry shampoo, wet wipes or baby wipes and hand sanitiser are great to have to freshen up. Dry shower body wash may also be something to consider which you can buy from Amazon here:
  • Toilet roll, tissues and towels will definitely come in handy!
  • Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorants.
  • Hopefully the sun will be shining so it might be a good idea to bring sun cream, after sun and insect repellent to keep those pesky insects at bay!


It would be a sensible idea to be prepared for all weather conditions because as we know, British weather can be very unpredictable…

  • If the sun makes an appearance it might be handy to have - a hat, especially for the youngsters, sunglasses, flip flops and plenty of cool clothing.
  • If it gets a bit nippy or rains you'll need your a warm jumpers, waterproofs and wellies –  the show must go on despite the weather so please come prepared!
  • It would be a good idea to have at least one extra of every item of clothing, just so that you know for sure that you’ll have some dry clothes. Or at least spare underwear and a jumper!


  • Documents – please double check before you set off that you have the directions to make sure your journey runs smoothly.  ID is always handy to have especially as there is a bar and cash to budget throughout the weekend – you don’t want to miss out on the refreshing cocktails on offer!
  • Comfortable seating – we do have a glamourous and cosy marquee for you to chill out in, but we want you to be as comfy as you can. So, it might be a good idea to bring folding chairs, picnic mats and outdoor cushions.
  • Duct tape – it’s never ideal to have a tear in your airbed or any other slight malfunctions, but there's not a lot a bit of duct tape can't fix!
  • A torch – always handy to have for midnight toilet trips...
  • A power bank – just to remind you that there is no electricity on site so a power bank is great to have to charge your electrical devices. We don’t want anything to stop you taking as many photos as you can throughout the weekend – make sure you share them with us using the hashtag ‘glampfest’!
  • Dog accessories – all pooches are welcome, just please make sure they are respectful to other guests and are cleaned up after!

What you won’t be needing:

  • Anything that needs a plug – as we’ve mentioned, electricity is not available so please don’t bring anything that is electric as you won’t be able to use it. Solar and battery powered products are ideal for this weekend.
  • Too much food and drink – you will receive vouchers to redeem for your evening meal, ice cream and a drink, so there’s no need to bring too much food as we’d hate to see it going to waste! We’ve got happy hours and discounted drinks at the bar too so there’s no need to bring too much of your own as we want everyone to be able to celebrate together!
  • Valuables – it’s never a good idea to take anything away with you of a high value, but if it is essential, please mark any valuables with your name and a contact number so that should it be lost and found, it can be easily returned to you.
  • Entertainment – you certainly won’t need to bring anything to keep you or the kids entertained this weekend as we’ve got a jam-packed schedule planned filled with activities for children and adults, competitions, live music and a disco – there’s plenty to keep you going, that’s for sure!
  • Bad vibes – we want everyone to get involved and have fun, so please come filled with energy and positivity to make this a memorable weekend! If there is anything you need or want to know to make your stay more enjoyable, please be sure to let us know.

Hopefully this list has given you a head-start for what you will and won’t need for the festival. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all and having a family fun, glamping weekend. Don’t forget gates open at 12pm on Friday the 19th of May and the festival runs until Sunday the 21st.

If you do need anything in the meantime, feel free to contact us at, if not - see you at Glampfest!

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