Cooking Up a Simple Storm on Your Camping Stove - One Pot Wonder Ideas

Cooking Up a Simple Storm on Your Camping Stove - One Pot Wonder Ideas

One thing that makes glawning stoves total game changers (other than the fact they transform a damp week of campervanning to toasty warm) is the fact they can be used for cooking!  We've made many a one pot wonder, used it as an additional hob ring for more elaborate dishes, mulled wine/cider, boiled countless kettles and toasted marshmallows on it into the wee hours  - it's amazing how versatile this piece of kit is.

Here are some of our simplest basic recipes for woodburning stove cooking to give you some ideas what to bring as we prep for a season of great glamping this year:

  • Corn beef hash for your little cowboys! Make it with chopped tinned spuds, corn beef and an onion (get pre-chopped onions from the supermarket for the lazy, non-tearful option).  Fry it all in butter until it starts to crisp. Serve with baked beans.
  • Get fishy with some fish stew! Marinate white fish and prawns in lemon juice and garlic. Fry chopped onions, add chopped red peppers, spring onions, more garlic, chilli flakes, seasoning and a carton of passata. Cook for twenty minutes then add the fish and prawns - they only need 10 minutes. Serve with crusty bread. 
  • Bring and boil! Save some curry, casserole, sweet and sour chicken, chilli from a big home batch, stick it in a tupperware and bring a boil in the bag rice to accompany it as it makes its second appearance glamping.  Always bring it frozen so it lasts longer and doubles up as ice blocks in your fridge/cool bag. Bring naans and kitchen foil to wrap and place on top of the stove to warm beautifully.
  • Beautiful Boursain pasta. Fry bacon lardons, add some mushrooms, add the Boursain and a small glass of white wine. Pour over cooked pasta. Whole meal takes 10 minutes to cook, and tastes delicious.
  • Fabulous Fajitas! Shove in a kit from the supermarket - get the fresh ingredients from a local shop when you get there if you can't be bothered packing them!
  • Special Fried Rice - Bring boil in the bag rice, fry prawns, chicken, eggs, peas etc then combine and add soy sauce for your camp made Chinese takeaway
  • Baked potatoes with ALL the fillings - pop a spud in kitchen foil and into the body of the stove in front of the burning fire for an hour
  • Rice Many Ways! e.g Warm a packet of ready cooked Mexican rice in frying pan with a bit of butter, stir in chopped tomatoes, spinach and smoked salmon. Serve with sliced avocado and poached eggs.
  • Nigella's Rapid Ragu - reheats even better than made fresh and very easy to make a massive batch
  • Vegan Variety: Lemony Butter Bean Stew
  • Reheat these Legends: Meat balls in sauce, chicken in wine. Sweet and sour pork, goulash, tagine, anything that will reheat nicely gets a space in our van fridge.
  • Salmon on a bed of wilted spinach, stir fry using any fresh veg and fresh noodles.
  • Fry Pan Faves: omelette, toasties, steaks, sausage and mash, quesadillas, loaded nachos, stir fries 

Other things we rave about: Ridge Monkeys, Simply Cook, Hello Fresh - anything to make cooking life a bit easier

Useful websites and resources: 

Check out Jane on the Hedgecombers website for awesome recipes for home and van life. 

Join the Facebook foodie group Gastrovanners 

We'd love to hear your recipe ideas for stove top cooking.  Comment below or get in touch at 






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