Driveaway Awning Guide Part 4: Choosing Your Ideal Campervan Awning

Driveaway Awning Guide Part 4: Choosing Your Ideal Campervan Awning

Which Campervan Awning to choose?

So hopefully you know you want a new driveaway awning, and you’re all clued up about the different fabric options, how it will fit to your van, and whether you need the standard height or a high top version (if not, please see our previous articles on these subjects).

Now it’s time to do the fun bit and pick the glawning that’s right for you. We’re here to help and give you a few pointers on making the best decision. So here we go…

First up, decide on your base model

There are 2 choose from:

  1. The original Glawning, the ultimate driveaway bell tent awning; or
  2. The Glanopod, our exclusive multi-component system

Here’s the lowdown:

The original Glawning is the pinnacle of driveaway awning luxury. You can expect lots of space and comfort, and plenty of admiring glances when you pull up on the campsite. Our original Glawnings start at just £549 for the 4m polycotton Glawning Lite.

If you’re looking for something much smaller and more understated, or a quick and compact overnighter that will go up and down in just a few minutes, then the Glanopod might be the one for you. At £398 it’s easy on the wallet, and you can also use it as a day canopy, or as a Glawning pitch if you pair it up with an original Glawning.

If you fancy the Glanopod then click HERE. The rest of this article applies only if you want more info on the original Glawning.

Next, 4m or 5m awning?

Our two sizes: 4m and 5m

Glawnings come in 4m or 5m. Bigger might always be better for some people, but others like to avoid excess. Learn more about how to pick the right size for you, here: ‘Size Matters: 5 metre or 4 metre glawning?’

To see the 4m specifications, click: here.

To see the 5m specifications, click: here.

Now, do you want windows or not?

Before you scream “Yes, of course I do!”, let’s look at the pros and cons. 

The first pro is that it has windows, of course! Who doesn’t want windows? Let’s face it, it looks cool, it feels cool, it is cool (hints of Louis Walsh there!). However, this version is only available in the 100% cotton canvas Glawning, and if you choose windows you lose some of the benefits of cotton canvas.

The panels with the windows will not be breathable, so you will get condensation on the inside of them. Also, they will reflect the heat in and the Glawning will be warmer than a full cotton one. Finally, you can’t treat PVC windows with a spray-on UV protector in the same way as you can with canvas, as it won’t absorb into the material. So the PVC will be more susceptible to UV damage over the years.

Although the standard Glawning doesn’t have windows, it is still extremely light and airy inside. And it will be fully breathable and supremely comfortable. Also, if you choose not to have windows, you have the choice between 100% cotton or our polycotton version (but more on that later!).

So, over to you, it’s time to make your choice…

If you like the idea of watching the clouds go by in a Cloudgazer, click HERE. Otherwise, read on.

Finally, Glawning Lite or Glawning Classic

If you’ve decided on the original Glawning, with no windows, you have one final choice to make:

  1. The Glawning Classic or 
  2. The Glawning Lite.

Basically, the Classic is 100% canvas, while the Lite is our polycotton blend. You can read about the pros and cons in our article on driveaway awning fabrics HERE. 

In addition, the main differences between the two are that the Lite weighs almost 50% less than the Classic (the 5m version is just 27kg, as compared to 51kg for the Classic). Also, the Lite has a stove hole already cut for you, surrounded by a fire retardant panel (although we would still reccomend using a flashing kit.

So, there you have it. We’ve taken you through our guide to buying a Glawning and now it’s time to make your choice. And if you want the full experience, why not add a stove and other accessories with one of our Saver Bundles. You can build your own bundle HERE

Go on then, you know you want to (don't make the same mistake that Johnny made)...

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