Half Term Halloween Hygge Ideas 🎃👻🦇🕷🕸🎃

Half Term Halloween Hygge Ideas 🎃👻🦇🕷🕸🎃
Have yourself some half term hygge this Halloween, with the kids or otherwise, because glawnings and glanopods are back in stock on 20th October for next day delivery!  Our range of woodburning stoves are ready to extend your glamping season to all year round!
Many campsites are doing spooky staycations with family fun Trick or Treating, fireworks, pumpkin carving, fancy dress, face-painting, and more 🎃👻🦇🕷🕸🎃
Or put your glawning or bell tent up in the garden for a 'Halloween Special' that no one in the neighbourhood will forget!
We got all our Halloween decorations at a very reasonable price from Asda and our furnishings from Matalan/Ikea and made the glawning into the coziest of spooktacular palaces.   A very special trick or treating destination for all your callers.
Here are some more ideas:
  • Spooky Film Night Rig up that projector and screen, get the stove going and some popcorn and toffee apples for your fave seasonal films. Our top 5 for our daughter are:
  1. The Addams Family
  2. The Witches
  3. Caspar
  4. Frankenweenie
  5. Hotel Transylvania
  • Pumpkin Carving Lay out some sheeting to catch the innards and get carving (or painting for the very little ones) those pumpkins.  Most creative design wins an ace prize!
  • Cook on the stove  Our range of camping wood-burning stoves can easily fry up those hot dogs, toast those marshmallows and melt those s'mores. Baked potatoes, steaks, fondue, are just a taste of some of the other dishes we've enjoyed. The culinary options are endless! 
  • Halloween/Autumnal Scavenger Hunt - burn off that sugar searching for items (see below)
  • Apple Bobbing - sometimes the old traditional games can be most fun!
  • Sparklers and Fireworks for a really popping party!
  • Fancy Dress and Face Painting are a given of course!

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