How to use a Gloven - Cooking, Care & Use of Our Camping Stove with Oven

How to use a Gloven - Cooking, Care & Use of Our Camping Stove with Oven

What makes the Gloven so special?

After years of camping and having to take extra bits and pieces to cook sufficient meals, we felt that the Gloven was certainly needed in the Glawning range. Now cooking in your home away from home is easy as pie (which you could cook in your Gloven coincidently), because there's AN ACTUAL OVEN in this one! No more packing extra bits and realising you left the gas at home, it's just you, your stove, some wood and your food!

If you'd rather just watch this piece of kit in action check out Urban Monkeys and theirs at Glampfest 2023 here (at 12:56): 

 Using Your Gloven 

The Gloven camping stove has the simplicity of every wood burning stove with the extra feature of cooking your dinner. It even has a BBQ function for use outside your tent.

To get started, first, we recommend putting a fire lighter inside and leaving that to burn which allows the flue to warm up so it will draw the smoke through. Then use another fire lighter to get your kindling going, chuck a small log on and hey presto, you’re ready to cook! 

Not only does the fire in the front heat up your oven so you can cook in there, it also provides a hob on top which you can boil a kettle or fry something on. Fancy a steak? Go on then!

Cooking with Your Gloven

The Gloven is really simple to use. Once the fire is going in the front you’ll see the temperature gauge rise, then after it has reached your desired temperature, pop something in sit back and relax by the fire.


Tip - Bring a small baking tray but if you forget you can always fashion a makeshift one with some tin foil! Great for storage too.

Meal ideas…

These are some pretty basic meals below that are our go to camping fodder, but if you want to ramp it up a notch the list of glamping meals you could try is huge (fondue, baked camembert, frittatas, enchiladas, you name it) … Ready set cook!

Bangers, Mash, and Peas - Simple but easy! Sausages in the oven, mash and peas on the hob. You could even switch out the mash for baked potatoes which can be cooked in the oven.

Steak & Chips - Fry your steak on the hob and cook your chips in the oven. Throw some salad on the plate if you’re feeling extra healthy!

Soup with Hot Crusty Bread Rolls - Cook your soup on the hob and heat those bread rolls up in the oven, perfect for those colder camping trips.

Full English Fry Up - A great way to start the day! Sausages, bacon and black pudding in the oven, eggs and beans cooked on the hob.

That’s just a few, but the possibilities are endless!  We would love to see what you manage to cook in yours, so make sure to tag us when you share your delicious meals 😋 @glawning  

Caring for Your Gloven

Once you are finished with your stove, empty out the ash from both the oven and the fire. Give your flue a tap outside to let any ash fall out (not too hard). Use a cheap brush to clean it out if necessary. Then pack it away - the legs fold under and the flue kit comes apart to fit inside the stove so it all packs down to fit in the handy carry bag to a very compact 60x40x43cm.

Tip to clean your glass - Use some damp newspaper or a paper towel, dab it in the ash of your fire and wipe the stove glass to clean it.

These stoves perfectly complement any bell tent or glawning, as do all the stoves in our range. There's something for everyone!

Safety Disclaimer PLEASE READ

We design high-quality tent stove products however, for safety, they must be used in accordance with the instructions provided. If used in a tent which is not fire-retardant, the stoves should only be used through a stove hole cut into a fire-retardant panel on the tent. We also recommend a suitable silicone tent flashing kit. When used on a fire-retardant tent, the stove should be flued out through a silicone flashing kit. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product is being used safely. If you have any concerns about how the stove should be used, please contact us in the first instance. Lit stoves should not be left unattended, and fires should be extinguished prior to sleeping. Stoves should not be used in extreme weather, particularly in high winds. Always make sure the stove is on top of something fire retardant, as accidental sparks may go straight through the matting and/or groundsheet. We do not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred by use of the stove howsoever caused (although, in accordance with legal requirements, we do not exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence). Please exercise caution and common sense by following these rules:

  1. Keep the inside of the tent well ventilated, even in winter
  2. Make sure the flue is clean and free of obstruction, and only ever use a stove inside a tent if the smoke and fumes are properly flued out.
  3. Use a carbon monoxide alarm 
  4. Set up the tent on the flat ground to make sure the tent is stable and firm. Build the stove on the flat ground to ensure the stove is stable.
  5. Only use good quality wood, such as kiln dried hardwood. Do not use tanalised or treated wood, offcuts or wrapped “easy burn” firelogs


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