Keep Calm & Carry On Camping - Camping COVID rules

Keep Calm & Carry On Camping - Camping COVID rules

*As of 23/03/20 the camping COVID rules are as follows - The UK government have ordered all campsites to close due to the outbreak of COVID-19, until this is officially lifted, we do not encourage you to go camping — stay at home as much as possible.*

As schools and workplaces close and self-isolation comes into force, many of us are finding ourselves spending an unprecedented time at home, cobweb-spotting when we would usually be out and about. So how can you tackle those corona blues?

If your long awaited 2020 holiday abroad has been cancelled, along with every festival and social gathering for the foreseeable future, how can you plan some relaxing (and, more importantly, safe) alternatives to fill that empty wall planner?

First, put that phone down and stop fixating on Facebook/Twitter/news outlets, because the social anxiety is not good for you! Second, get outside in some good old-fashioned fresh air –preferably far away from WIFI!

At the time of writing, we still have an opportunity to spend time at a campsite. The Caravan and Camping Club and the Caravan Club have recently announced that their sites remain open. This is what the Caravan Club said yesterday (18thMarch):

Current government advice on essential travel refers to the use of public transport and travel to work, and for certain age groups, as part of its social distancing guidance. There are currently no restrictions on leisure travel, including journeys to campsites. Information is available here:

We would agree that nobody is put in danger of contamination if you hop in your car on the driveway and head out to the middle of nowhere! So, whilst adhering to the camping COVID rules and government guidelines on social distancing, we believe that camping and glamping is a great solution for staving off the boredom and cabin fever while we’re still able to do it. We’d go even further, and say that getting outdoors is essential for improving physical and mental health and emotional well-being.

Family in glawning

Glawning and van in field

Here are our ‘top tips’ for surviving self-isolation while on a camping trip (adhering to all camping COVID rules):

  • Don’t venture too far away from home – this isn’t the time for that road trip of south coast tourist hotspots you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Follow government guidance on social distancing. Avoid pubs and restaurants, and only use shared washing facilities when absolutely necessary – always remembering to prioritise good hygiene.
  • Spring has sprung and the weather is picking up so take advantage of this by taking a bat and ball or equivalent to have some fun in the sunshine.
  • Take lots of board games for a fun thing to do in the evening or in case the weather is poor.
  • Some popular tourist spots will be a lot quieter so take a walk along the beach or visit a national park to take advantage of this.  The National Trust have announced this week that they will keep as many of their gardens and parklands open, free of charge, alongside coast and countryside, to encourage the nation to enjoy open space, during the pandemic, while adhering to the government’s social distancing guidance.   
  • Make sure you’ve got enough room for all the family (and any animal companions you bring along); a bell-tent awning like a glawning can make a great addition to your campervan as it opens up a lot more room for socialising and activities as well as a convenient (and warm) place to sleep. Glawnings can also be fitted with wood-burning stoves, so you’ll have a place to do all your cooking & keep yourselves all cosy and warm. [We’ve got a long list of recommended campsites that love campervans and glawnings].  Remember, when it’s not being used as an awning, the glawning can go up in the garden as a chill out lounge/party tent/self isolation booth!
  • Our two-door bell tent awning, the glawning, is a stunning and luxurious space which can be used alongside a campervan or as a standalone space.  And, if the country does go into complete lockdown, the glawning is a great option for self-isolating at home without going stir crazy (especially with kids). Put it up in the garden and it makes for a fun, alternative space to bouncing off the walls in the house. No glawning? No worries! Any tent or structure will do – just get outside and breathe in Mother Earth. 

So while we’re able, we say keep calm, be kind to one another, and carry on camping! Just make sure you follow the camping COVID rules!


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