Top 5 Glawning Hacks

Top 5 Glawning Hacks

5 tips and tricks for your Glawning

So you’ve got yourself a Glawning and you want to know how you can make those driveaway adventures just a little bit smoother? Never fear, the Glawning crew are here. We’ve been putting these things up for a long time now so we wanted to share 5 of our top tips and tricks with you. There are plenty more but maybe you have some you can share with us too?

Ok, so here we go:

  1. Runaway Rain Caps

The rain caps on the top of the a-frames serve an important function, but they have an annoying little habit of going walkabout. But never fear, glawning hack number 1 is here! Simply punch a little hole in you rain cap, attach a bit of string, and feed it through the guy rope loop on your tent. That way, it’s always there where you need it and when you need it.

Runaway rain cap
  1. Carabiners and bungee balls

For around a tenner, get yourself a bag of these handy carabiners, together with a bag of bungee balls from Amazon or eBay and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without them! The days of threading bunting through the loops on your Glawning will be a thing of the past, and you’ll be hanging lights, disco balls and other indulgent luxuries like a Glamping interiors pro. Oh and if you’re short on space and need to quickly clip onto a tree, fence or the caravan next door it’ll be a breeze.

Carabiners and bungee balls
  1. Gaps be gone

Ever wish you could close the gap between the connecting canopy and your van. It’s very important for letting the door open and close, but only the one at the back. So why not use some of these handy suckers on the side of your van to clip the Glawning to. You’ll also need some crocodile clips, or some eyelets in your Glawning (plus the aforementioned carabiners/bungees), and you’ll need to make sure you’re attaching to a nice flat surface on your van otherwise it won’t hold. But once you’ve got it sussed you can get your canopy nice and snug against the metalwork.

Suckers and crocodile clips
  1. Are you pulling my peg?

This one’s very simple, but also very effective. If you have one of our new Glawning lite tents, then you’ll have our lightweight orange aluminium pegs. These are great for keeping the weight down, and are very heavy duty if treated with a bit more care than our usual rugged steel ones. However, they can be a bit tricky to pull out of the ground. That’s where the little holes come in handy. Simply insert one of your groundsheet pegs into the hole and use it as a peg puller!

Tent pegs
  1. Tow bar trickery

This one is handy if you have a tow bar and like driving away for the day. Instead of pegging the guy rope right behind the van and having to move it each time, you can simply sling the rope over the tow bar for easy removal and reattachment when you drive away.

Tow bar trick
  1. Ok this is a bonus one, but probably the best yet. If you want to
  • expand the lifespan of your Glawning, 
  • protect it from mud, bird poo, wine, UV rays and massive rain showers.
  • Pack it away while keeping it (and yourself) dry
  • Add an extra bit of insulation in the colder weather; and
  • Have a handy, lightweight Glawning tarp for use on quick overnighters

Then I suggest you take a look at our new Glambrella HERE.

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