October 27, 2019 1 min read

Worried about pitch size for your glawning or bell tent? Some campsites and festivals are stingy on pitch size and that can be a concern for glampers who want to fit their van and a gorgeous bell-tent awning like the glawning onto a single pitch.

We have a handy solution to this problem, using ourreducer poles.

Watch here to find out more:

Our reducer poles stick in the ground at an angle away from your tent and allow you to use them as a point of tension to dramatically shorten your glawning or bell tent guy lines meaning the total area you take up is minimised.   

Man pegs down a guy line using a reducer pole

They're easy to use and they don’t inhibit maintaining a proper angle and tension. As well as this they reduce the chances of tripping over your tent's guy ropes as these can be as short as 50 cm or less — genius!

They work with any bell-tent & we think they’re an absolute life saver when you're pitching a bell-tent or attaching a glawning to your campervan.

Ellie Powell
Ellie Powell

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