Glambassador Programme


Love your Glawning? Always recommending it to family/friends/strangers? Sometimes joke that you should be on commission? Now you can be!

We know that our customers are our biggest advocates, and that you already do so much to spread the glawning word and to support us. We are now able to thank you for your support with cold hard cash.

There are two levels of Glambassador – you can apply to either or both.

Affiliate Glambassador

Quick and easy way to earn money for recommending Glawning.

Key features:

  • Quick sign up and account is created immediately
  • You receive a unique link which you can share with friends via email/social media, or you can embed it on a website or blog you run
  • If a customer clicks on this link they will be taken to the Glawning website
  • If they make a purchase you earn up to £20 (depending how much they spend)
  • No limit on how much you can earn.
  • Payment is made directly to your bank account monthly
  • Full details and sign up form here

Anyone can apply to be an Affiliate Glambassador – it’s great if you own a Glawning as you’ll be able to make a personal recommendation, but it’s okay to sign up if you don’t.

Sales Glambassador

Who better to sell our products than those who are already passionate about them? In return you get the opportunity to earn a decent amount of money doing what you already love doing – hanging out at festivals and shows talking about your Glawning.

Key features:

  • Complete an application form and we’ll have a chat with you about becoming a Sales Glambassador (email us for a form)
  • Attend shows/festivals as an official Glawning Representative
  • Earn 10% commission on all orders placed at a show
  • High earning potential
  • Must be able to attend a minimum of 4 shows in a 12-month period
  • We supply display glawning, promotional materials, point of sale equipment and pay show fees
  • Full training and support throughout

At present we are only accepting applications from customers who have purchased a Glawning – either directly from us, or as a re-sale. It’s essential that you’re able to talk to prospective customers about your personal experience of your Glawning. 

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