Connecting Your Glawning

Fitting a Glawning to Your Vehicle

Will the Glawning Fit to My Van?

If your vehicle is a standard size (approx 2m high) with an awning rail or gutter rail you should have no problem attaching a glawning using our Standard Height Connecting Canopy.

If you have a high roof vehicle (approx. 2.5m) you will need the High Roof Connecting Canopy.

Can I Drive Away and Leave the Glawning Up?

Yes, you can easily detach the connector part and leave your glawning in position whilst you head off in your camper for the day.

Can I Use the Glawning As a Standalone Bell Tent?

Yes, the glawning operates as a standalone bell tent if required. Simply unzip the Connecting Canopy from the door of the main tent (you can leave this bit at home if you’re using your glawning just as a tent). The glawning now functions as a sturdy bell tent.

Ok, so how do I connect it, then?

Connecting the canopy part of the glawning to your campervan will depend on what type of van you have. The best way is to use the 6mm beading on the connecting canopy, together with a driveaway kit, to slide into an awning rail on your van (full explanation in the videos below!). If you have a vintage vehicle you may need a universal pole and clamp which can be bought from most retailers of campervan accessories. If all else fails you can velcro it to roof bars or throw guy ropes over the roof of your vehicle to peg down on the other side.

Please don’t hesitate to ring us for advice if necessary, and check out our video guides below.  

Method 1 - Using the Roof Gutter

If your vehicle has a gutter rail (e.g. splitscreens, bay windows, T25s) you use the pole provided with your glawning. Pop this into the gutter rail and secure with clamps. Again, clamps can be obtained cheaply at Just Kampers and similar camping/outdoor specialist shops.

Method 2 - Using an Awning Rail

If your vehicle has an existing awning rail or if you get one fitted you can simply slide in the 6mm beading along the edge of your glawnings connecting canopy. We recommend, however using a 6mm to 6mm driveaway kit as well as this makes the process of attaching your glawning easier, and also enables you to quickly and easily detach your glawning should you want to leave it in situ and head off for the day in your van. These can be purchased from a number of camping/outdoor specialists.