March 28, 2019 2 min read

What does an epic glamping celebration look like? With just over six weeks to go we thought it high time we gave you an outline of what to expect at 'Glampfest by Glawning' and I’ve decided to do it via the medium of a nineteen-verse poem. Enjoy!

Ode to Glampfest 2019

Hundreds of glam awnings,

Lined up in a pretty row,

Gin and ales and cocktails,

A never ending flow.


Free face painting and craft classes,

A tuck shop, happy hour,

Proper toilets, soap and towels,

You can even have a shower.


Our long awaited sweetie man,

How fast can he run,

Before ten children leap on him,

Attacking til he’s done?


Can you beat our chess champ?

Play him if you’re keen.

He’s doing it for charity.

And he’s only thirteen.


Non stop music artists,

Our yearly talent show,

Glitter Glamour, Sports Day,

On your marks, get set and GO!


Phatboys Mexican Street Food,

So tasty and so cool,

Chinese, Pizza, Fish and Chips,

Enough to make you drool.


Ice cream served up from a Bay,

Coffee from a Split,

Meet Indie the electric camper van,

All doing their bit.


A bar where drinks are really,

Very cheap indeed,

A Glawning shop to cater,

For your every glamping need.


Glambassador Village 'Cook Off',

On their little stoves,

Head to head for the best dish,

Judge them in your droves.


An Austin Powerz lookalike,

Bringing groovy baby cheer,

A lederhosened Oompah Band,

Raise your stein of beer!


Toe tapping to the jigs and reels,

Of our local Celtic Raisers,

Sitting watching the drifting skies,

In an airy, glam CloudGazer.


Relaxing with beauty and yoga hours,

In the Wellbeing Tent,

Or trying a Creative Writing Class,

Always time well spent.


Best dressed pitches will win a prize,

Funkiest dad dance too,

VIPs just chill right out,

We’ll bring your drinks to you.


Looking at our new products,

Telling us what you think,

Bringing along your teddy bears,

For a picnic and a drink.


Rocking out to covers,

By local band Barr Lane,

One rave to DJ Rory Hoy

You’ll never be the same.


Cheering for the Dad Dance Off,

Getting in that mosh pit,

Dancing along to cheesy pop,

Flossing to the latest hit.


Bethany’s Smile is the good cause,

We’re doing all this for,

Kids who don’t have a long life ahead,

With all this fun in store.


Dig deep into the coffers,

For the raffle deeper still,

Help us raise some money

For those kids who are very ill.


It’s a totes amazeballs festival

It will leave you saying WOW,

So what on earth are you waiting for?









Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin

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