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I Took My Cat On A Camping Trip

As Glawning’s newest team-member and resident crazy cat person, I wanted to see for myself if Glawning’s bell-tent awnings were as glamorous as the rumours said and cool enough to impress my house cat, Peebee. Not ones to shy away from adventure, Peebee and I borrowed James & Sarah’s campervan and set off into the North Yorkshire countryside for some glamping fun!

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Making the cut! Advice for installing your Flashing Kit

So you’ve finally got your Glawning and you’re eager to install the stove! Where to place it is up to you, a chance to make this Glawning truly your own and suit the way you want it to work. But before you make the cut into your pristine canvas to install the Flashing Kit, here’s some tips to consider...

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Woof! Glamping With Your Canine Companion
For many people, myself included, your four-pawed-friend is an integral part of your family, and when you go away on holiday it can be heart-wrenching (and expensive!) to book them into kennels. Camping with your pooch can be the perfect solution, although it’s not for everyone (and not for every dog!)   
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