Top 5 Winter Glamping Hacks

Top 5 Winter Glamping Hacks

Glamping in the winter isn’t for everyone. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark — is it more effort than it’s worth?

Well, we’re here to tell you that glamping in the winter can be pretty awesome and with a few easy rules to follow; you can enjoy it too!

We want to give to give you a few tips so you can enjoy the beautiful British countryside when campsites are at their quietest and so you don’t have to pack away your glamping gear for 4/6 months of the year.

Here's a short video guide to winter glamping [featuring Ellie's cats]...


 1) Plan…

Check the weather forecast regularly, hope for the best and prepare for the worst so you’re not caught out. If you can be flexible and head off on a whim when there are a few dry, sunny, crisp days forecast it will help. Make sure your canvas tent is properly weathered before you go (using our guide, here) and peg down your guys really well so that your tent survives the wind.  


 2) Pack what will keep you warm…

As well as thick socks and blanket scarves, think thermals and high wicking merino wool under layers.  There are also things you can do to help your tent keep you as warm as possible. Canvas tents are naturally better at retaining heat than their nylon counterparts and adding a footprint and some polypropylene matting will provide extra insulation from the cold ground. Footprints are also great for protecting the bottom of your tent so they stay much cleaner and dryer. Use thermal liners or blankets on your camping chairs, and choose a bed that lifts you off the ground if you’re sleeping in your tent.


 3) Arrive early…

You don’t want to set up in the dark so aim to arrive by lunch time. That way you’ll be warm and relaxing inside your tent; smug as you watch those just arriving try to fiddle with guy lines in the dwindling winter sunlight.


 4)  Pack your favourite comfort food (and drink!)

Being cold uses energy so you’ve got to make sure you’re still drinking enough water and eating enough food. Also remember that you’re on holiday! Use this as an excuse to eat like a royal. Enjoy your glamping trip with a bottle or two! Drinking mulled wine or warm cider all wrapped up in a blanket is the essence of good winter glamping.


 5)  Most important of all — invest in a wood burning stove!

Having spent the spring and summer at festivals in the pouring rain, we know the difference a wood-burning stove can have on the warmth of the tent (& the overall enjoyment of the glampers) in the warmer seasons. In the autumn and winter — it’s an absolute necessity. Our Glawning GLOW wood-burning stoves will fit into any canvas bell-tent using our easy-to-install flashing kit; follow our guide: here. There are even eyelets on the spark arrestor for tying guy ropes to for added stability. We have enjoyed many a toasty winter glamping trip mulling wine on the stove and sitting in tshirts by the woodburner - it kicks out 3.5kW of heat so the small space heats up in no time.  Snow on the ground outside?  Not a problem for this cosy glamping set up!  Bring more logs and kindling than you think you'll ever need.  We recommend smokeless heat logs or kiln dried logs for a nice clean burn.  Sit back, and enjoy!


White T5 VW camper van and glawning with a smoking chimney

Glawning and VW camper covered in snow


Comment down below with any tips or tricks you’d like to share about your winter glamping trips…

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